25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

New York City

9th-15th July, 2016

Saturday July 9th

Full Day

W1: Bridging the Gap between Human and Automated Reasoning
Ulrich Furbach, Steffen Hölldobler, Marco Ragni and Natarajan Shankar.

W3: Computer Games Workshop
Tristan Cazenave, Mark H. M. Winands and Stefan Edelkamp.

W4: Workshop on Goal Reasoning
Mark Roberts, Daniel Borrajo, Michael Cox and Neil Yorke-Smith.

W5: 2nd International Workshop on Social Influence Analysis (SocInf 2016)
Marcelo Gabriel Armentano, Ariel Monteserin, Jie Tang and Virginia Yanibelli.

W6: Ethics for Artificial Intelligence
Paula Boddington, Michael Wooldridge, Christopher Megone and Peter Millican.

W7: CMNA 16 - The 16th Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument
Floris Bex, Floriana Grasso and Nancy Green.

W8: Interactive Machine Learning: Connecting Humans and Machines
Kaushik Subramanian, Heni Ben Amor, Charles Isbell and Andrea Thomaz.

W9: 10th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling
Markus Endres, Nicholas Mattei and Andreas Pfandler.

W10: BOOM: International Workshop on Biomedical infOrmatics with Optimization and Machine learning
Zhangyang Wang, Yang Shen, Shuai Huang and Jiayu Zhou.

W14: 4th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management
Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Mieczyslaw Owoc and Gulgun Kayakutlu.

Morning Only

W2: Workshop on Scholarly Big Data: AI Perspectives, Challenges and Ideas
Cornelia Caragea, Madian Khabsa, Sujatha Das Gollapalli, C. Lee Giles and Alex Wade.

W11: FLinAI2016 Fuzzy Logic in AI Workshop (CANCELLED)
Anca Ralescu, Irene Diaz and Stefan Schiffer.

W12: Language Sense on Computers
Akinori Abe and Rafal Rzepka.

Afternoon Only

W13: Workshop on AI for Synthetic Biology
Aaron Adler, June Medford and Fusun Yaman.

W15: Workshop on Human Language Technology and Intelligent Applications (HLT-IA)
Thanaruk Theeramunkong, Thepchai Supnithi, Manabu Okumura and Qun Liu.

Sunday July 10th

Full Day

W16: Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare Data
Marzieh Nabi, Jonathan Rubin, Ali Shojaie, Ary Goldberger, Madelena Costa and Daniel Bobrow.

W17: BEYONDLABELLER— Human is More Than a Labeller
Sriraam Natarajan, Novi Quadrianto, Kristian Kersting, Rauf Izmailov, Jana Doppa and Viktoriia Sharmanska.

W19: 5th International General Game Playing Workshop
Stephan Schiffel, Michael Thielscher and Julian Togelius.

W20: Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence (DL)
David Aha, Alan Wagner, Andrew Gordon and Yiannis Aloimonos.

W21: 9th International Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT 2016)
Ana L. C. Bazzan, Franziska Klügl, Sascha Ossowski and Giuseppe Vizzari.

W22: Knowledge-based techniques for problem solving and reasoning
Roman Bartak, Lee Mccluskey and Enrico Pontelli.

W23: Second International Workshop on Multi-Agent Path Finding
Howie Choset, Sven Koenig and Glenn Wagner.

W24+W27: Computational modeling of attitudes & 4th Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology (SAAIP 2016)
Kiran Lakkaraju, Samarth Swarup and Mark Orr.
Sivaji Bandyopadhyay, Dipankar Das and Erik Cambria.

W29: Natural Language Processing Meets Journalism
Octavian Popescu, Carlo Strapparava and Larry Birnbaum.

Morning Only

W25: Argumentation in Logic Programming and Non- Monotonic Reasoning (Arg-LPNMR)
Sarah Alice Gaggl, Juan Carlos Nieves and Hannes Strass.

W26: Semantic Machine Learning
Rajaraman Kanagasabai, Ahsan Morshed, and Hemant Purohit.

Afternoon Only

W18: Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce (AMEC/TADA)
Sofia Ceppi, Ioannis Vetsikas, Chen Hajaj, Esther David and Valentin Robu.

W28: Fourth IJCAI Workshop on Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis
William Hsu, Yizhou Sun and Leman Akoglu.

Monday July 11th

Full Day

W30: Advances in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence : Bridging the Gap
Abdoulaye Banire Diallo, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo and Mohammed Zaki.

W31: Algorithmic Game Theory @ IJCAI Workshop
Georgios Chalkiadakis, Nicola Gatti, Reshef Meir and Carmine Ventre.

W32: Statistical Relational AI (StarAI)
Guy Van den Broeck, Mathias Niepert, Sebastian Riedel and David Poole.

W33: Deep Reinforcement Learning: Frontiers and Challenges
Sarath Chandar, Sridhar Mahadevan, Balaraman Ravindran and Gerald Tesauro.

W34: Fourth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP 2016)
Jane Hsu, Lun-Wei Ku and Cheng-Te Li.

W35: Autonomous Mobile Service Robots
Manuela Veloso, Xiaoping Chen, Nick Hawes, Luca Iocchi and Peter Stone.

W36: 29th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning
Bert Bredeweg, Kamal Kansou and Matthew Klenk.

W37: Fifth International Workshop on Human-Agent Interaction Design and Models (HAIDM)
Sarvapali Ramchurn, Avi Rosenfeld, Kobi Gal, Ece Kamar.

Morning Only

W38: Cognitive Knowledge Acquisition and Applications (Cognitum 2016)
Loizos Michael and Erik Mueller.

W39: Interactions with Mixed Agent Types
Enrique Munoz de Cote, Long Tran-Thanh, Prashant Doshi and Christopher Amato.

Afternoon Only

W40: Ontologies and Logic Programming for Query Answering
Odile Papini. Salem Benferhat, Laurent Garcia, Marie-Laure Mugnier,

W41: Closing the Cognitive Loop: Third Workshop on Knowledge, Data, and Systems for Cognitive Computing
Kartik Talamadupula, Shirin Sohrabi and Murray Campbell.

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