25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

New York City

9th-15th July, 2016

James Kirk, Aaron Mininger and John Laird.
A Demonstration of Interactive Task Learning

Andrea Marrella, Massimo Mecella and Sebastian Sardina.
An Adaptive Process Management System Implementation based on Situation Calculus, Indigolog and Classical Planning

Roman Bartak, Michal Koutný and David Obdrzalek.
Practical 3D tracking using low-cost cameras

Michael Freed, Brian Burns, Aaron Heller, Daniel Sanchez and Sharon Beaumont-Bowman.
A Virtual Assistant to Help Dysphagia Patients Eat Safely At Home

Noam Brown and Tuomas Sandholm.
Baby Tartanian8: Winning Agent from the 2016 Annual Computer Poker Competition

Katja Hofmann, Matthew Johnson, David Bignell and Tim Hutton.
AI eXperimentation with the AIX platform

Shirin Sohrabi, Octavian Udrea, Anton Riabov and Oktie Hassanzadeh.
Interactive Planning-based Hypothesis Generation with LTS++

Sanmukh Rao Kuppannagari, Rajgopal Kannan, Charalampos Chelmis and Viktor K. Prasanna.
Implementation of Learning-Based Dynamic Demand Response on a Campus Micro-grid

C. Anantaram, Sunil Kumar Kopparapu, Chirag Patel and Aditya Mittal.
Repairing general-purpose ASR output to improve accuracy of spoken sentences in specific domains using artificial development approach

Yu Lu, Gim Guan Chua, Huayu Wu and Clement Shi Qi Ong.
An Intelligent System for Taxi Service Monitoring, Analytics and Visualization

Francois Schwarzentruber.
A Tool for generating Interactive Euler diagrams

Jacobo Rouces, Gerard de Melo and Katja Hose.
Klint: Assisting Integration and Querying of Heterogeneous Knowledge

Donghan Wang, Madalina Fiterau and Artur Dubrawski.
VIPR: An Interactive Tool for Meaningful Visualization of High-Dimensional Data

Domenico Lembo, Daniele Pantaleone, Valerio Santarelli and Domenico Fabio Savo.
Eddy: A Graphical Editor for OWL 2 Ontologies

Mauro Dragoni, Serena Villata, Andrea Tettamanzi and Célia Da Costa Pereira.
SMACk: An argumentation framework for opinion mining

J. Pablo Muñoz, Jizhong Xiao, Bing Li, Xuejian Rong, Yingli Tian and Aries Arditi.
Demo: Assisting visually impaired people navigate indoors

Chao-Chun Liang, Kuang-Yi Hsu, Chien-Tsung Huang, Chung-Min Li, Shen-Yun Miao and Keh-Yih Su.
A Tag-based English Math Word Problem Solver with Understanding, Reasoning and Explanation

Vishalaksh Aggarwal, Biplav Srivastava and Srikanth Tamilselvam.
Data-based Promotion of Tourist Events with Minimal Operational Impact

Wanyun Cui, Yanghua Xiao and Wei Wang.
KBQA: An Online Template Based Question Answering System over Freebase

Muhammad Rizwan Saeed, Charalampos Chelmis and Viktor Prasanna.
Thou Shalt ASQFor And Shalt Receive The Semantic Answer

Feiyi Tang, Jia Zhu, Yang Cao, Sanli Ma, Yulong Chen, Jing He, Changqin Huang, Gansen Zhao and Yong Tang.
PARecommender:A Pattern-based System for Route Recommendation

Shiqi Zhang, Dongcai Lu, Xiaoping Chen and Peter Stone.
Robot Scavenger Hunt: a Standardized Framework for Evaluating Intelligent Mobile Robots

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